Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Episode 7: Windows ate my Podcast

New Introductions

Kristie from San Diego (mackristie on Ravelry)
Helen from Amsterdam (raerean on Ravelry) and originally from NZ
Mariawilhelmina from Houston, Tx—originally from Amsterdam
Joy from Indiana (JTKnitterSan on Ravelry)
Marigayle from Nashville, Tn—presenter of Exchange Student in Fiberland

We’re up to 45 members in the group now.


Helena from WillowfairyKnits Podcast. My Tidepool shawl won some Sweet Georgia sockyarn provided by my other shoutout Ashleigh from BringKniton.


Willowfairy Knits (Helena from Adelaide SA)
Knitting in Circles (Aimee & Darren from South Mississippi)
Knittin on the Fly (Katie from Maine)
Knitting Blooms (Tina)


Ampersand Socks by Kirsten Kapur in Ewe Give Me The Knits Sock in Piper. On 2.75ml Addi Lace. One completed & the other up to picking up stitches for the gusset. Forgot to mention that I have modified the pattern so that it is over 76 stitches

Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf on 3.25 Addi Lace. In The Unique Sheep Eos in Ascent


Catkin by Carina Spencer.


The Unique Sheep Eos Ascent

Wollmeise Lacegarn We’re Different in the Lila colourgroup

Ladybug Fibers “Wild Lupin” & “ Boysenberry”

Fat Cat Knits BFL Dragonfly


Myrtles Morning Out

Finished Barbara Bretton and am now reading “Jane Bites Back” by Michael Thomas Ford
“Two hundred years after her death, Jan Austen is still surrounded by the literature she loves—but now it’s because she’s the owner of Flyleaf Books in a sleepy upstate NY college town.”

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review of my podcast. Its very sweet of you to say. I love your evenstar. i finally bought the patterns and i am looking forward to knitting it soon.

    I have a suggestion for balling up your laceweight yarn. i had the same problem with having too much yarn for my ball winder, so i used my ball winder until it was full and then just took it off and wound the rest by hand. it worked pretty well for me.

    Your new kitten is so cute as well.